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Our Top Anti-Aging Picks For 2012

We've created this site to review, compare, and rate the top anti-aging products
on the market today. In the simple summary below, we've reviewed the top 3 products
based on a ten point scale. Our rating scale is based on quality ingredients, visible
results, and best value.

After thoroughly testing each product on all skin types we concluded that LifeCell, AuraVie, and Allu outperform all the rest. These products helped to erase wrinkles, tighten elasticity, reduce under-eye circles, and rejuvenate the skin's overall appearance. The products' users reported seeing visibly younger-looking skin in just a few weeks.


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Ranked #1 Skincare - Editor's Top Pick Award Winner 2012 Quality Ingredients: 8.5
Verified Results: 8
Best Value: 9

Retail: $119.95
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Quality Ingredients: 9
Verified Results: 8.4
Best Value: 8

Retail: $139.95
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Quality Ingredients: 8
Verified Results: 8
Best Value: 4

Retail: $125
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Editor’s Top Pick

#1 Skin Care

LifeCell South Beach Skincare

Ranked #1 Skin care - Editor's Top Pick Award Winner 2012LifeCell South Beach Skincare

What are all the celebrities using nowadays to erase their
wrinkles? LifeCell was specifically formulated to treat skin
“from the inside,” while rapidly lifting and firming skin using the most scientifically-advanced cosmetic ingredients available today.
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About the Product:

We rated LifeCell the best new product to enter the anti-aging skincare scene. LifeCell was rated 9 out of 10 on the basis of high-quality ingredients, desired results, and best value of getting to try it risk-free*.

New to the anti-aging forefront, LifeCell uses a powerful blend of proprietary ingredients (Eyeliss, Matrixyl 3000, Renovage and Haloxyl.) The active ingredient, Matrixyl 3000, is clinically proven to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots up to 68%. LifeCell's exclusive anti-aging system quickly penetrates the epidermis and dermis layers to erase wrinkles at their source in the subcutis level. While stimulating skin repair and renewal, LifeCell instantly boosts Collagen and Elastin production.

LifeCell has become a popular wrinkle-reduction agent for celebrities, who have chosen this non-invasive alternative to help tone and rejuvenate the skin's surface. LifeCell features a blend of high-quality ingredients:

Our 90 day system is scientifically proven

Thousands of satisfied customers report visibly younger looking skin when using LifeCell South Beach Skincare. Use LifeCell for three 30 day cycles, and we feel confident that you will see continuous and lasting results.

Chart - Reduction of Wrinkles

Day 1-30: LifeCell will instantly hydrate the skin and begin attacking wrinkles at the source for a more youthful and radiant glow that you'll notice almost from day 1.

Day 31-60: At this stage, Collagen and Elastin production is boosted and your fine lines & wrinkles are being reduced at the root of their formation. The repair and renewal process is well underway.

Day 61-90: Collagen and Elastin levels are now fully elevated, producing visual, long-term results. Our complex anti-oxidant blend is repairing years worth of damage to the skin, leaving your skin looking firmer and more youthful every day you continue use.

What LifeCell users are saying:

Pictures of before and after

“I want to thank you for making a product that has changed my life. I had basically given up on any chance of having nice normal skin until a friend recommended your product. Not only has it changed my skin, it has changed my life. Your product gave me the self confidence to start dating and I think I may have found that special someone!” - Tonya, Torrance CA

“I had no problems using these products. It is light on the face, not heavy and oily. The Revitalizing Face Serum made my wrinkles go away and the Instant Eye lift was incredible on the crow’s feet around my eyes It also helped clear up blemishes. I have recommended this product to all my family and friends. I was a little skeptical of the price at first, but it is well worth every penny. I will never be without again. It is truly a miracle in a bottle.” - Leslie, Toronto Canada

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Life Cell South Beach Skincare LifeCell South Beach Skincare

Ranked #1 - Editor's Top Pick Award Winner 2012

We selected LifeCell as the best product on the basis
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Best New Product


AuraVie Skin Rejuvenation System

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About the Product:

Based on the quality of ingredients, its results, and value – we've
rated AuraVie as the #1 anti-aging product on the market today.
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Risk Free* Trial
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AuraVie is an advanced facial cream which contains four of the most effective substances needed for real, younger-looking results. Deemed as a “facelift in a bottle,” AuraVie is one of the great advancements in the skin care industry and wrinkle reduction. In fact, 9 out of 10 people saw visible results while using AuraVie. While most products use only two ingredients necessary for results, AuraVie uses all four: Matrixyl, Argireline, Hyaluronic acid, and SPF. These ingredients have been proven to boost collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and plump up skin for a natural lifting effect. The world's best advanced wrinkle cream will last about 60 days:

Aura Vie Rejuvenating Treatment and Toner

AuraVie AM/PM Rejuvenating Treatment

Balancing Toner (Bonus Gift: $40 Value*)

Chart of Consumer-Tested Results

Consumer-Tested Results:

We conducted a study of first-time AuraVie users and the results were:

AuraVie Results:

Aura Vie Results

“You know I felt really young, but my face made me not feel so young. I had a lot of wrinkles and lines. I would not give up on AuraVie. It has made me feel youthful, it has made me feel great...and that is the one thing that I have just lacked. I was a skeptic and now I am a believer!” – Jacqueline

“When I got divorced the stress took its toll on my skin and I started using AuraVie. The other day a guy in his twenties asked me for my number...well I had to show him a picture of my kids to prove that I have two teenagers!” – Melanie

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#3 Today, #2 Tomorrow!


Allu Ultimate Skin Therapy

Allu Ultimate Skin TherapyTry Risk Free!

About the Product:

Allu is one of the top-selling brands in the anti-aging industry. Allu is specifically designed to help correct and prevent the look of visible signs of aging. Using some of the most effective and powerful ingredients on the market today, users have reported seeing a measurable difference in wrinkle and fine line reduction and the overall transformation of skin.

Clinically Tested Results:

Users desire visible results that are delivered quickly, so we tested Allu to see if it really had what it takes to satisfy users' anti-aging needs. As we expected, it did. 73% of Allu users have reported seeing improvement in the skins firmness and elasticity. 67% of users have also seen an improvement in skin tone. 65% have seen an improvement in photo-damaged skin.

Although Allu sells for a whopping $125, you can get your TRIAL offer here for less then $5! We still believe that the results that are achieved are worth the regular cost. As the top-seller in retail, Allu floods the shelves of Nordstrom and Sephora. We've concluded that the patented ingredients coupled with visible results are what makes Allu the best product in retail for 2010.

Press and Reviews:

This product has been featured in magazines and endorsed by multiple dermatologists.

Where to buy:

If you want to ***TRY** Allu? You can do so here at for Under $4!